Are IPL 2020 Tickets Available?

Are we going to see IPL 2020 from the stadium? Are the tickets available?

Posted October 12, 2020 in Cricket News.

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Are IPL 2020 Tickets Available?

As we have officially entered the IPL season, it is time for all of us to watch all the matches and cheer our favourite teams on! Similar to every year, this year, too, the Indian Premier League has witnessed a massive craze and fan-following. We have begun donning the colours of the teams we support, and have already begun guessing the winner of this year.

However, the unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic situation has put a slight damper on the excitement, as this year, it is not going to be possible to watch the matches from the stadiums. No tickets are made available to facilitate watching the matches, in person, from the stadium. This news has definitely come as a heartbreak to millions of cricket fans nationwide. 

Anyone who has witnessed a match from the stadiums can attest to the fact that the excitement and the exhilaration of watching a match from there, with other supporters of the same team, is a feeling unparalleled. But, because of the ongoing pandemic of the Covid-19, and its massive spread throughout the country, this year, the matches will be held in empty stadiums. 

This is to ensure that there is no social gathering which can further worsen the pandemic situation, and maintain physical distancing. These measures are difficult to accept, as we all love watching matches from the galleries, but it is important that we adhere to them, as they are taken to ensure the health and safety of the fans and the players alike. 

The Indian Premier League 2020 was almost on the verge of getting cancelled due to the pandemic and the lockdown. Originally supposed to begin from the 29th of March, the countrywide lockdown forced an indefinite postponement of the IPL. The league did not get permission to be hosted on Indian grounds even now. It is being hosted in the UAE, or the United Arab Emirates, and is scheduled between September and November.

In the previous years, we have seen the IPL tickets sell out like hot cakes. Everyone saves up to watch their favourite teams live. Unfortunately, none of that is possible this year. Having said that, we should be thankful that we at least can enjoy the league from the comforts of our own homes, which almost got cancelled. Many live streaming platforms have also cropped up, so that we can watch the matches from any smart device with internet connection. Also, many online sports social media, like Criconet online, have arranged for virtual discussions about the matches and cricket news, so it looks like we are not going to miss out on a lot!